Cooks with Collars

What is Cooks with Collars?

Inspired by great parish priests and vibrant parish communities, COOKS WITH COLLARS is an online cooking competition and a virtual celebration for the entire Diocese of Allentown.

In the spirit of great parish festivals everywhere, COOKS WITH COLLARS is an opportunity to work together and have fun! Sponsorship contributions support Catholic Charities ministries while your voting dollars go directly to St. Joseph’s.

Why Does Father Hoffa Need Our Help?

Father Hoffa will represent St. Joseph Parish of the Panther Valley in the Diocese of Allentown’s “Cooks with Collars” event! Each Vote is $10 – so be sure to tell your friends, fellow parishioners, and family to vote early & often. Let’s help Father Hoffa & our parish WIN!

If you can’t vote online, please stop by the office, and we will cast your vote for you!

Check out the video below of Father Hoffa under the supervision of St. Joseph’s own Halupki Queen, Barbara DiMattia, as they share how our famous Halupki are made.

Don’t delay! Voting ends February 15! Cooks with Collars champions will be announced on Tuesday, February 16 (Fastnacht Day!). Let us know on our Facebook event page HERE that you voted and use the hashtag #FatherHoffaTopChef to celebrate the SJPV family!

Click here to visit the main Cooks With Collars page.