Memorial Offerings

At St. Joseph’s of the Panther Valley, there are many ways for you to memorialize and honor your family, friends, and neighbors.  The most common way parishioners do this is by having a Mass offered.  With such a large parish, sometimes the date or Mass time you would like is not available.  But, there are several alternative ways you can remember your loved ones in a beautiful way. You can make a donation in your loved ones name to our Memorial Fund, enroll them into our Memorial Society or purchase flowers or a named candle. To make arrangements or for more information please call the office at 570-645-2664 ext. 1 or email Please see more details below.

Memorial Fund – You can make a donation in your loved ones name to our Memorial Fund. We will send an acknowledgement card to the family making them aware of your donation and all Memorial Fund donations are printed in the bulletin.  All money donated to the Memorial Fund goes into a separate account. That money is only used for Church /Liturgical supplies. It is never used for the day to day operations of the Parish. For example it will never be used to pay a water bill, electric bill, etc.

Memorial SocietyThose enrolled in the Memorial Society will have their names entered into the St. Joseph Parish of the Panther Valley Memorial Society Book, prayed for at each Sunday Mass celebrated at St. Joseph Parish of the Panther Valley, remembered in the monthly Memorial Society Mass, included in the special display during the month of November, dedicated as the month to remember the faithful departed and a card will be sent to the family informing them of the enrollment.  Enrollment cost $10.

Altar Flowers and Named Candles