Baptisms are held for our registered and practicing parishioners normally on the first and third Sunday of the month immediately after the 11:00 Mass. Parents are to register for a Baptismal Preparation Class which will be held the second Sunday of the even months. At least one Godparent must be a practicing Catholic for the valid reception of baptism. That person must also receive a certificate of eligibility from their Catholic Parish. A non-Catholic Christian is permitted to act as a witness. Parents should begin to make arrangements for baptism during pregnancy.


We look forward to celebrating God’s gift of love in the sacrament of Marriage for any registered and practicing parishioner. Diocesan policy states that contact should be made one year, but no later than six months, prior to the proposed date of marriage in order to begin pre-nuptial instructions. Call the Parish Office for further information.

Ministry to the Sick

Visits to the hospital are made on a regular basis. Please notifythe Parish Center Office when a parishioner is in the hospital or home and would like to receive communion or anointing of the sick. Visits can also be made to those parishioners who are homebound and would like to receive communion by Eucharistic Ministers or Fr. Hoffa.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

We welcome and support all whose faith journey brings them to seek full communion with the Catholic Church. Please call the Parish Office for further information.