SJPV Parish Nurse Ministry

Our Parish Nursing Mission Statement

We are a growing Catholic family, guided by our faith to meet the physical emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each person in our parish.  as parish nurses, we act as a vital link between the faith and medical communities.

The ministry is rooted in scripture, specifically Jesus’s command to “preach and heal the sick.” Luke 9:2.

Role of the Parish Nurse

Parish Nursing is the practical expression of healing ministry to the sick.  The parish nurses are available to assist parishioners when the need arises in any of the following areas.

    • Health Counselor
    • Educator
    • Advocate/Resource Person
    • Liaison to Community Services
    • Teacher of Volunteers and Support Groups
    • Healer in mind, body, and spirit
    • Also, the parish nurses will be available to provide respite care for the primary caregivers of our parish family

Contact Information:

Parish Nurse Ministry
St. Joseph of the Panther Valley
118 N. Market Street
Summit Hill, PA 18250-1108
Phone: 570-645-2664

In need of help in Carbon County? The Parish Nurses have compiled a comprehensive list of resources in the area. Click here to download the list.